Wednesday, September 23, 2099

Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children now available on Amazon

Alone at Night's very own D.K. has written a book. It's available in paperback or eBook on The eBook edition is going for the low price of $2.99. and it gets you 13 tales of terror that will be enjoyed by the young and old alike (some stories might be too scary for readers younger than 9).

I am happy to entertain any questions you might have regarding the book. Simply leave a comment.

Happy reading, and, as always, stay safe.

-Alone At Night

Friday, December 5, 2098

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Hello, Alone at Night Scary Stories fans. Big news.

You can read more about Alone at Night's Patreon account here.

Alone at Night has created and shared free terrifying content to visitor for years. That's not going to change. We don't charge our visitors, we don't run adds. We don't even have a membership mailing list and spam your email folder. None of those things are cool.

However, we have some goals for Alone at Night that are going to take some financing. So, we've created a Patreon page. Some of the goals include moving Alone at Night to its own page and off of BlogSpot. Another goal is to grow our readership, which means more content for you.

Our Patreon page will give you the opportunity to support Alone at Night Scary Stories financially in a secure manner.

We have three membership levels: $1.00 a month, $3.00 a month or $5.00 a month. Each membership level has a pretty kick-ass reward, from a unique scary story written just for you by Alone at Night's very own D.K., to an autographed copy of Terrifying Tales: 13 Scary Stories for Children.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Failed Home Intruder

I lived in this apartment with just my cat, Minki. At 8pm the outside doors are locked for safety, as this is section 8 housing and it protects those inside.

One night at around 11pm I'm up watching a youtube video on my laptop on my bed when loud knocking starts up. At first I thought it was from elsewhere or in the video, only to realize it was coming from the door into my apartment. I'm on the second floor and my cat is in the little livingroom so I can't go out the window.

I just sit frozen and listen as it got louder and it sounded like the knob was being jerked around. It's a curved one that you tip to turn. I grabbed for something on my bed just in case...soda bottle...okay.
Whoever it was just pounded harder and harder, turning the damned handle frantically until I thought the door would break, it's a heavy door thank god but it was strained. Then just like that it stopped.

I sat for a few moments in silence then got up thinking maybe I imagined it. I looked into the living room, my cat was curled under a chair with his tail poofed out, eyes wide like it was thinking "nope"!  So,  i knew i wasn't imagining it.

I looked into the peephole and saw nothing, so I did something I regret. I opened the door. Nobody. I quickly closed and locked it.

Next morning I saw the paint on the door was scratched up and the metal around the handle was scratched. My lock was the first to get an upgrade after that.

Thursday, October 19, 2017 Collection of Spooky Microscopic Photos has a fun post with a collection of spooky microscopic photos. We recommend you check it out.

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